With the slight ease in the weather we have spent a few productive days in the garden, planting fruit trees and bushes. Now the trees are in the ground and the soft fruit area established, the structure of the garden is really starting to take form, and looking less like a field with each visit.

As well as delaying the tree planting, the water logged ground meant that our second, 14 tonne load of compost had to be jettisoned at the wrong end of the field. Our one wheel barrow is looking rather inadequate for the task ahead, but (with a bit of time) this second load of compost will help take our tally up to 20 beds.

All around the site there are signs of spring: plum blossom in the adjacent orchard, our new trees are budding and the garlic that we planted very late is now growing with gusto. We have sown the first of the peas, and are looking forward to seeing their shoots.

Sam and Beccy