The weekend brought with it a definite feeling of spring, and we managed to get out today to plant the last of the fruit trees and soft fruit before buds burst. We planted forty raspberry canes in two rows,which are covered with black weed membrane to keep maintenance down. The variety is Autumn Bliss, chosen mainly for its propensity to reproduce in my parent’s garden. One of our raised beds is now the strawberry bed, with 20 plants of unknown variety tucking their roots into the deep compost.

The boundary of our plot was previously an invisible line drawn between a willow and a wild cherry tree, but today (with some elbow grease lent by Beccy’s parents) we planted the beginnings of an edible hedge with the fruit bushes which didn’t fit into the fruit cage area. In time they will be joined by some hazel, blackthorn, damson and elder. At the end of the hedge is a little field maple sapling which should form a shapely tree and an imposing sentry at the entrance to the plot.

Our plot neighbour, whose kitchen window looks out over the site has kindly given us two old garden chairs, so our tea breaks are now taken in style.

In the last of the sunlight, some brief sowings were made: broad beans, radishes, rocket, borage and a second sowing of peas. The next step is to turn our spare bedroom into a greenhouse, with a table full of seed modules by the window. Although we have only just started, our thoughts are already turning to hungry gap vegetables for this time next year.