A Skip

The last few days have seen much progress at the restaurant. I cannot quite remember whether mum and dad offered to come and help rebuild a couple of walls and scrape old, crumbling grout from between tiles, or whether I volunteered them…. Either way, as of Sunday, we have two sturdy walls where before there were configurations of bricks barely recognisable as walls, and have made sterling proress on the grout front.

Today was demolition day. We ripped out the bar and all the hideous bathroom tiling from the rear wall of the dining room. Plasterboard and wood panels were torn from the walls and the laminate floor was pulled up. We had hoped the wooden floor boards might be good enough to sand and oil, but we soon had that hope quashed. They are rather worse for wear and now we need to think of a new floor material.

The skip arrived in the afternoon and, with some extra muscle lent from friends, was filled within a couple of hours. I’m hoping that the weights, the almost new pair of shoes and the 11 telephones(!) left by the previous occupier will have gone to a good home by the morning, making space for more unwanted plasterboard.