This weekend has seen huge progress and change down at the restaurant, in avery satisfying way. The builders made impressively quick work of the new floor on Friday, and by the end of the day it was almost finished. We now have a sturdy, smooth new floor awaiting whatever surface we choose to lay.


Friday also saw two paper-suited roofers with gas masks removing the asbestos from the rear store room, preparing for demolition. And also the plumber put in the new guest toilet, and ran pipework through the stud walls to service the bar sink and glass washer. Grand designs would have you believe that ‘mixing trades’ is not a good idea, but they all seem to get along fine, albeit with a bit of inter trade banter.


Saturday morning brought reinforcements in the form of our friends Simon and Helen from London, and progress sped up a great deal. The store room is now no more, the toilet walls are now stuffed full of sound insulation and boarded in, the crumbling plaster in the kitchen has been removed and re-plastered. Kitchen walls have been tiled, and the big wall in the dining room has been stripped and boarded with two layers of sound board, to soundproof the wall. On Friday morning the dining room looked a bit like a cave, now it looks a lot like a room. The next step is to sound proof the other wall, and then the ceiling and wiring can go up.

This week coming will also see foundations being poured for the store room, and hopefully the blocks being laid towards the end of the week.

The gorgeous sunlight was streaming through the big windows which has got us thinking about summer lunches….