Full beds

My family were in town today to lend a bit of extra muscle out at the garden, and we were blessed with warm sunshine and dry ground underfoot. We managed to get the soft fruit area covered with weed suppressing membrane, which will keep maintenance down in the future, and we pruned some of the bigger currant bushes to compensate for the roots they lost in transplanting. We planted the rhubarb crowns and seedlings into their final homes and very handsome they look too. We sowed some more radishes and spring onions, and now all of our eight beds are full. It was a bit hot (!) today to make more beds but the next eight are marked out and ready to go.


The trees seem happy, and Stella is racing ahead with lots of leaves out and unfurling. I also grafted the scion wood that we got from The Ethicurean, hopefully they won’t fail and we’ll have some happy little trees. Beccy rushed off from the garden to spend the afternoon in London at a wine tasting. She found a couple of additions for the wine list, which is shaping up nicely, though there will be a lot more tastings before the first is printed.