The builders have been making good progress with the lean-to store room at the back of the restaurant, which is being rebuilt in rather more solid form, and will hopefully provide a good environment for storing wine. Not quite a cellar, but as good as.


We have, rather excitingly, started buying things which aren’t plasterboard or sharp sand or grout. Which feels like a milestone. We have ordered some rather nice steak knives through our friends at Cotham Hardware, and have bought a beautiful old laboratory sink which you will have the chance to wash your hands in when we open. Sam has bought some tiny little saucepans, which makes him very happy. Our tabletops have been ordered and are now being cut to size.

We are looking forward to getting stuck in at the garden this weekend, building more beds. Six module trays have been sown with a mix of herbs, salads and vegetables, so we are going to need somewhere to put them in due course.