We were lucky that the rain restrained itself over the weekend. Two days spent at the garden have yielded new beds and a new wave of sowing. We have modified our 16ft bed system by filling in the 2ft paths to make ‘double’ length 34ft beds. This has given a little extra planting space, now filled with the first sowings of beets. Another two and a half new beds of those dimensions have been added on the other side of the raspberries. Our original plan of making twenty beds this season (ten long ones), now looks inadequate as we get sowing fever, and perhaps we will manage a few more.

The original compost heap is now depleted, and all compost is now coming from the distant heap at the end of the field. It is hard work, but the ground under the old heap is now well mulched and clear of weeds. This is to become our potato bed next week, we are planting some pink fir apples, charlotte and sharp’s express. Not much more than a drop in the ocean for a restaurant, but enough for the headiest of primal pleasures – digging potatoes in the hot summer sun.

The rain was less kind to us today, and work on the store room walls had to be postponed for a day as Phil found a drier place to work. But as is the way on a building site, the electricians managed to come a day earlier than expected to first fix in the dining room, and the ceiling is now a mass of cables. This is exciting as it means the new ceiling can go in on Wednesday as scheduled, and after that, decoration.