Our poor window frames, lurking for some years behind tiles and plywood, emerged a few weeks ago somewhat worse for wear. The corners had been letting in water, and trapped behind the tiles, they never had a chance to dry, which has resulted in some bad rot.20140409-220614.jpg

The advice has been either to take the glass out (eek) and then replace the bottoms of the frames, or to scrap the whole lot and start again. Neither are really options, so we have ignored all experts and ploughed into it with  some scrap wood, hardener and filler. Yesterday I taped the edges of the windows to stop more water getting in, and then spent a morning digging out the rotten wood back to the sound timber. In places this didn’t leave much behind. Most of the afternoon and today involved carving blocks of wood to fit into the holes, some to take up space and reduce filler, others to provide some structural support for the frame. It’s like a build your own jigsaw puzzle.

So far the windows haven’t fallen out, and now that the filler has started to be applied, it is all looking a bit more stable. Each window was lacking a course of bricks under the frame – most were just loosely placed and some not there at all, so there will be bricks to relay, but by the weekend hopefully the repairs will be made and the windows will be sanded down and ready to paint.

Beccy spent a productive morning in the office, and amongst other things, we now have a utility company, the very good Good Energy, based in Wiltshire. They source all of their energy from renewable sources, and are just generally very helpful and nice on the phone – in stark contrast with the previous supplier.