A little hiatus on the blog – apologies. Here is a brief update of some busy days:

The end of last week saw the ceiling go up and the window repairs continue. On Saturday we spent the morning at the garden, planting potatoes where the first pile of compost used to be. The ground underneath still has a fair amount of compost on it, but the grass and weeds which were there underneath have now rotted down. The edges of the bed were weeded, but other than that this has been a low input potato bed, and we simply stuck the seed potatoes in the ground. They should enjoy the rich soil, and get to grips with the organic matter in there. We were amazed by the quantity of worms operating just under the surface, especially in amongst the rotting grass. Easily fifteen in a spadeful.

Saturday evening gave a chance to replace the top course of bricks under the window frames. Sunday was our first day away from the restaurant and garden for a few weeks, we were up in London at a wine fair, tasting for the list. We have found a few gems which Beccy is looking forward to pouring next month. We caught up with a couple of the producers who we met in Italy last summer, and it was nice to tell them that we are about to sell their wines in Bristol.

Today we managed to finish off a few bits and bobs to ready the site for skimming. Under the windows has now been boarded, the ceiling is finished and all the boards are taped. The store room roof is on and ready to be felted. Our al fresco toilet is now no longer, and is rather dark.

Big news at the end of last week was the arrival of our premises license, a significant milestone.