More sunshine today was very welcome. Inside, Pete and Dan were skimming the ceiling, wheeling the scaffolding tower around and generally taking up the whole space. Beccy was at a first aid course for most of the day, but my parents came up to lend a hand stripping the paint on the shopfront, and filling in the copious holes where the rotten wood has been dug out. A slow job, but tomorrow should see the windows fully stripped and the primer applied.

We are trying hard to keep a handle on all of the office tasks which need to be done before we open. Insurance is being bought, accounting is being arranged, and accounts are being set up with all of our suppliers. I suspect we will have as many suppliers as covers, by the time we get to opening.

It is difficult to negotiate suppliers as a small restaurant. Everyone wants to sell to you, of course, and each supplier has their pros and cons. Those who offer the best quality produce usually can’t deliver every day, those who offer ultimate convenience usually have to sacrifice quality in so doing. Add to this the fact that suppliers and chefs don’t always see eye to eye on what ‘quality’ actually means, and the whole thing is a potential nightmare.

We are very lucky in Bristol to have the produce and suppliers that we do, and I am excited to be working with some of the best in the area (and in the country, for that matter). By closing Sundays (and Mondays) we will avoid the ordering blackspots which are difficult to negotiate, and by having a very short, very flexible menu, we should be able to adjust to the variances of supply. It can be hard in bigger, more organised restaurants to get the very best produce onto the menu, because there isn’t always enough to go around. I predict that there will be one or two days this summer when we have enough peas from our own garden to put a dish on the menu, and that will be a glorious day indeed.