Today was a fairly eventful day. As we were leaving for the restaurant, a very friendly but slightly scared-looking stray dog came and attached itself to us, lying across Beccy’s feet. We couldn’t find any evidence of owners, so had to take her down to the dog’s home en route to the restaurant.

Rain stopped play with the windows, which now have their undercoat on, and the ornate mouldings above the windows are half stripped. We had hoped to paint over the existing paint, but closer inspection revealed an air gap between paint and wood. The mouldings are rather beautiful, and stripping them completely should show off their form better when they are repainted.

I built the bar framework, which is time consuming but satisfying, cutting the joints and building it up piece by piece. It now just needs the curved section to be attached, and the plywood skin to be added. Beccy cleaned the big fridge we inherited, a daunting task requiring a face mask and a strong stomach. It is now just like new. She also rearranged the dining room ready to receive its first coat of paint (an exciting moment) tomorrow.

The roof at the back hasn’t been felted yet, but it does have a tarp over it, and a fully functional gutter. In the torrential rain this afternoon, water was pouring merrily down the down pipe and into the yard, which rapidly flooded and overflowed the doorway. While we cleared out the drain channel and swept the flood waters away, the newly installed and very secure firedoor shut behind us, leaving us stranded in the pouring rain, surrounded by high walls and razor wire. Luckily we had a phone and were able to phone a friend for a rescue!