The plumbers have been with us for two days at full speed, and they have a lot of copper pipework to show for it. The boiler has been installed in the store room, as well as a smaller boiler near the bar to avoid having what is known (I think) as a dead leg, wasting hot water. The guest toilet is now functional, and the first fix for the sinks and basins is in, including a copper pipe-tap, which our plumber was very reluctant to make for us. We prevailed, and it’s looking rather handsome I think.

Beccy’s parents have been with us too, painting and doing various jobs, also at top speed. My sister spent a heroic day scraping grout out ready to re grout in the kitchen – a tiresome job, and we’re very pleased we don’t have to do it! It’s great having various projects all moving along at the same time. I have been able to focus on gluing together the bar, and on cutting all of the mortice joints for the back bar. Some zinc has been ordered and will be delivered next week for the bar top. Beccy has been cleaning the ceiling in the kitchen, readying it for painting – another grim job, but it’s going to transform the kitchen.

Our fourth and last skip departed today, which will make the window painting easier. It’s nice to see our forecourt again, and pleasing to remember that there will be some chairs and tables on it in due course. Progress on the windows has been slow due to the weather, but we are managing to get a bit painted in breaks between showers. We’ll get there.

The wine list is taking shape, and Beccy’s many hours pouring over catalogues and tasting wines are coming to fruition. We are both very excited by the wine list; it is going to be short, but full of some excellent wines, from some of our favorite producers. We had our first tasting in the restaurant with a supplier yesterday, propping glasses on the half finished bar. The first of many corks to be popped in the building, I hope.