The workload is showing no sign of reducing at the restaurant, but lots is happening, and things are progressing rapidly. The big news today was that the electricity board arrived to make the mains connection, which involved digging up the pavement and tapping into an ancient, very high voltage live cable. The ‘jointer’ was in the hole, gradually peeling back the layers of insulation and earthing, while his mate was fixing the service main heads and fuses inside. When he got down to the four cables themselves, everyone took a slight step back as the connections were made.

The extraction duct was taken apart and taken away to be cleaned this afternoon, goodness knows it needed it. The electricians were wiring in the kitchen, and the end is in sight, with just the new distribution board to go in now.

Much tiling and grouting in the kitchen has been occurring, and with the new floor which went down on Wednesday, it’s all looking rather smart. I can’t wait to get cooking in there.

The much pondered curved front of the bar is now in existence and even wearing two coats of paint. It was a bit of a pain, but it is done now, and looking good. The bar tops have had their zinc glued on, and I am midway through carefully nailing down the edges.

The final scrappy area of woodwork around the front door has been sanded back, patched and primed, so it feels like we are on the home stretch in terms of decorating. I had my first foray into plastering, which was a learning experience! Customers will probably be able to spot the rogue walls…

Beccy has become acquainted with every builders merchants, electrician supplier and timber yard in Bristol, mainly buying materials, but also on the hunt for a free instant coffee and sausage roll.