Until recently, I didn’t know what architrave was. I now have more of a knowledge than I would really like. Fortunately, my role in the architrave saga has been solely at the purchasing end (although this has involved a distressing number of trips to various builders merchants). It was dad who was landed with the task of fitting it to our wonky door frames. We also roped dad in to hanging the door in the guest toilet. We now have beautiful looking and snug fitting doors.

The front door has also received some attention thanks to mum. We are hoping to hang a double door in the future, restoring the front of the shop to its original state. For now, however, the current door has been “de-pimped”. The two large bolts on the outside have been removed and we are hoping to replace the rather gaudy door furniture with some old, reclaimed brass wear.

Sam has honed his skimming skills, and his latest attempt provoked far fewer expletives than the last.

Thanks to a team effort, the kitchen walls are nearly complete. There are just a few more tiles to lay when water pipes are removed, and a small section of grouting to do. They are looking very different from the cracked, grease stained walls that we started with. With the new gleaming white ceiling (thanks mum) and new floor, the kitchen is almost ready to go.

Tomorrow is allocated a painting day.


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